Rupert Bull After Dinner Speaking!

Finished Dinner? Then it's time to let me start speaking.
Rupert Bull - Raconteur, Puppeteer, Antiques Dealer - is available for hire.

What You Can Expect!

Your favourite episodes of "Man About The House" delivered in time-honoured Anecdote Format.
The story of how I successfully appealed a parking ticket (which was actually given entirely legitimately!)
"Around The World In 13 Animal Noises"
A discrete and respectful story about when I met John Virgo at a garden centre.
Racey anecdotes from my years in the hopsy-topsy world of Antiques!

"...even the cake was in tiers"
", she went of her own accord"
"...Whipsnade Zoo"
Are just some of the punchlines you can enjoy.


Toastmaster - Over 20 glasses tapped with a teaspoon (only one broken)
Singing (Repertoire includes: "The Lambeth Walk", "A Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square" and playing the spoons)
Animal Noises (12)

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